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ScoutMaster Mr Joel Chow
Chairman Mr Jeff Wallace
Vice Chairman Open
Camping Coordinator Mr Christopher Russell
Assistant ScoutMaster of Camping Mr Joshua Wayne
Assistant ScoutMaster of New Scouts Mr Matt Coppel
Assistant ScoutMaster of New Scouts Mr Jerry Johnson
Assistant ScoutMaster of 1st Class-Star-Life Mr Bill Bartram
Assistant ScoutMaster of Advancement Mr Paul Post
Assistant ScoutMaster of Advancement Mrs Ruth White
Assistant ScoutMaster Mr Richard Lusignolo
Assistant ScoutMaster Mr Ronald White
Charter Organization Representative Mr Ron Lime
Treasurer Mr Alan Asbury
Advancement Coordinator Mr Tom Jones
Communications Mrs Anne Nelson
Equipment Coordinator Mr Arthur Rentzsch
New Scouts Ms Johanna Johnson
1st Class / Star / Life Scouts Mr Robbins Bailey
Eagle Scouts Mr Joseph Johnson
Training Coordinator Open
Chaplain Open
Kroger fundraiser Open
Medical/Safety Coordinator Mrs Samantha Wayne
Membership Coordinator Mr Bill Walton
Fundraising Coordinator Open
Popcorn fundraiser Open
Service Project Coordinator Open
Uniform Exchange Mrs Karen Harris
Technology Leader Mr Wilson Fernando
Committee Member Mr Jeremy Anderson
Committee Member Mr Aaron Aschenbrand
Committee Member Mr Trent Black
Committee Member Mr Richard Broker
Committee Member Mr Andy Chow
Committee Member Mr Pete Hohlbein
Committee Member Mrs Deborah Lime
Committee Member Mr Ron Lime
Committee Member Mr Michael Marsh
Committee Member Mr Mark McHugh
Committee Member Mr Ben Miller
Committee Member Mrs Lisa Stropki
Committee Member Mr Kurt Tekaucic
Committee Member Mrs Mary Tekaucic
Committee Member Mr Jason Weisgerber
Committee Member Mr Ron White
Committee Member Mr Benjamin Williams
Committee Member Mrs Jennifer Wolf
Committee Member Mr Paul Zawada
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